Friday, 21 January 2011

Man sees Matrix after brain injury

Well this has got to be one of the most interesting videos I've seen so far. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but as it turns out, this is a 2 hour 48 min vid that explains advanced ET technology, the awakening, and the future of humanity and the planet, and every other pertinent thing. I usually don't post videos that are longer than 10 minutes (cause my attention span can barely take anything longer), but this one is worth every second, especially the end .

The guy's name is Core, he was in a bad car accident when he was 10 years old. His severe brain trauma left him in a serious condition, with no long term memory, and frequent episodes of shock which caused him to have what he calls Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, paralysis, etc. He had over 300 OBEs in the years that followed the accident, with quite incredible spiritual implications. 

The first significant one he mentions involved a breakthrough experience, when he went out of body and could see his physical body cowering in a corner of the bedroom. He saw that the air was full of rainbows and sacred geometry, the walls and the floor were alive, and he saw a grid of connection of everything to each other, everything communicating with each other through this etheric grid. In these states he met ETs who would help him and explain things to him, including how to use advanced technology to recode his body's computer so he could get his memory abilities back. 

He saw many cataclysmic events like they were future earth events, and even experienced them for himself, with the worst possible scenarios imaginable being the state of future earth. He was told that it was up to him to make sure that these things didn't happen. After many experiences in the other dimensions, seeing other civilizations and future earth scenarios, he found out that his friend was experiencing the same kind of messages, except as a result of hallucinogenics rather than a brain injury. The friend was also told that he was "the one" who had to save humanity. Core concluded that this same "the one" mentality is conveyed to many people who experience higher dimensions, and they think it means them personally, but it means every human really. He goes into detail about DMT, and hallucinogenics opening us up to higher dimensions, and the fact that we can control our own DMT releases at will to induce spiritual experiences.

He stayed in school in an attempt to keep up appearances, but dropped out at the 9th grade, because since he was learning from ETs how to create portals in time/space and other technologies, school on earth seemed pretty dumb . He talks about[b] time travel, gatekeepers, life in other dimensions, healing technologies, sacred geometry.[b/] He even goes into detail about the illuminati (like you've probably never heard it before), why they are the way they are, how they are ultimately failing. He also goes into detail about the waves of children being born on the earth: the indigos, rainbows, crystals, guardians, what differentiates them from each other, and why they are here. "2012" is going to be used as a scapegoat for HAARP inducing natural disasters on the earth during that time. HAARP technology actually has the ability to feed every person on earth through the air, through vibration, so that none would go hungry, but because the technologes are in the wrong hands, they are used against us. Same with advanced technologies of sacred geometry, mathematics, etc.

There are two more major revelations he explains in this vid, including detailed info on pineal and hypothalamus glands, and detail on a dimensional jump that the earth has been through in May of this year. He also talks about anti aging technologies, how to rewrite our own coding with our fingers and brainwaves, our eyes are a black hole, our brains a point of singularity, DMT, microchips....

All in all, some great stuff about everything pertaining to our reality and spirituality. At the end of the video (around 2:17:00) he begins an energy activation for everyone watching. Which includes looking at an advanced tech mandala (?) that he designed, breathing in a certain series to indicate to your brain that you are about to rewrite info, shaping your hands a certain way, visulization etc.

The thing that got to me was that a lot of this information has been mentioned to some extent by other sources. I have been looking into these things for a long time now and have come across some of this information in my research but not to this extent. So if all his knowledge came from his experiences from this accident, this is truly something remarkable. Otherwise, the only way to acquire all that knowledge would have been many years of research. What he is saying is not something that he just made up himself, what he has been saying has been said by many others.
A lot of people might just think he's crazy but as I said I find it interesting...


  1. Really awesome read, thanks for posting this

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  3. One thing that made me second guess this guy (although I second guess all of these types of stories) was the fact that he said he was learning about time travel, other dimensions, healing technologies, then says he was learning things about the Illuminati. If these ETs are teaching him things on such a grand magnatude, why would they care about the Illuminati.

    Illuminati is so insignificant compared to these technologies and mechanics he is said to be learning. Sounds like someone has been watching too much History channel.

  4. Absolutely insane article, really interesting

  5. interesting...

  6. Hwidman I recommend watching the video if you get spare time. He goes into it a lot deeper. Thanks for the input

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  8. this looks pretty messed up.
    Didn't see the whole video and I don't know what to say except that I can't believe it until I see it.

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  11. When I read this article it was a def mind=blown

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