Monday, 17 January 2011

Lucid Dreaming

What is Lucid Dreaming you might be asking? 

The simplest 
definition of Lucid Dreaming is realizing that you are dreaming while in a dream. 
from which point and with enough practice you can take control of the dream world and do just about anything you can imagine. For instance flying!

I will share a guide I have found during my research into Lucid dreaming. Remember this takes practise and wont happen overnight!

Step 1. -Dream Recall- (ability to remember dreams)

I don't know how many people I have heard say "I never have dreams" when in reality they just aren't remembering them. each and everyone of us has several dreams every night, whether we remember them all or not can be up to you. we do most of our dreaming in the REM period of sleep, 90 minute cycles in which breathing becomes more rapid, irregular and shallow, eyes jerk rapidly and limb muscles are temporarily paralyzed (sleep paralysis). Brain waves during this stage increase to levels experienced when a person is awake.
Most people experience three to five intervals of REM sleep each night.

You're going to need to start a dream journal. Why you ask? this is one of the first steps to be able to remember your dreams. For instance ever wake up from a dream and then 1 hour later you've completely forgot what happened in your dream? Whenever you wake up from a dream try hard to remember what happened. You should write it down whether it's on a notepad or even your phone.

 once you get in the habit of doing this you will start having more and more dreams every night. the key to all this is immediately when you notice that you are awake to try and remember your dream, most people when they wake up either roll over and go back to sleep, or start thinking about the day ahead or other things and this disrupts your memory of any dream and basically erases it from your mind. once you get good at this you should be remembering as many as 4 dreams a night. there have been nights where I've actually recalled 8 dreams

Step 2. -Reality checks

one of the most important steps to lucid dreaming is to start asking your self several times daily "am i dreaming?" really take it seriously, deeply question reality,
then just look around and pay close attention to everything you see, hear, and feel. this really helps with awareness, which is key for having a lucid dream. this is very important
and is probably one of the main reasons a majority of people never have lucid dreamers, there always on auto pilot, never really stopping to question this reality or what exactly is going on at that point in time and if its normal. this type of behavior carries over into dreams and is why you never realize that you are dreaming. you've learned to just except everything in your waking life and it reflects in your dreams and you just except everything even though some of the weirdest things can happen in dreams. How can you be aware that you're dreaming, if you're never aware that you're awake?

there are many other reality checks you can do to check if you are dreaming
-looking at your hands- for some reason in dreams your hands always look really weird of have extra fingers
-plugging your nose and trying to breath- in reality when you do this you obviously cannot breath, but if you did it in a dream you would still be able to breath ,
because it is your dream hands that are plugging your dream nose, there is no real physical contact therefor you can still breath and you would know that you are dreaming.
-looking at clocks or words twice- these things are very unstable in the dream world cause they are not bound by the same laws as in the real world,
so in the dream world when you look at a clock or words, look away, and then look back most of the time the words or time on the clock have complete changed
-try jumping- in a dream you might notice that you slowly fall back down to the ground or don't even come down at all
-light switches- for some reason you cannot change light levels in a dream, so if you see a switch, try to turn the lights on or off, in a dream nothing will happen
-memory- try and remember how you got to the exact place you are right now, if you cant remember, you are most likely dreaming
-electronics- your phone or watch will almost never work correctly in a dream

plugging your nose is my personal favorite which i use all the time, its quick and nobody knows what your doing

Step 3 -Dream Stabilization- (making lucid dream last longer)

When you find yourself in a lucid dream it is natural to be overcome with feelings of elation and excitement, yet if you do not follow a few simple steps, that lucid dream will disappear as quickly as it came. So, what is Dream Stabilization anyway? Well, as the name implies, it is attempting to stabilize the lucid dream. You should utilize Dream Stabilization
techniques immediately after finding yourself in a lucid dream.

right when you realize you are dreaming you should Stop. Relax. Focus. When you have a
grounded, confident, focused frame of mind, it allows you to have a more stable base to
start your lucid dream. This will also result in more dream control and more clarity.

the next step in dream stabilization is stopping yourself from waking up. if at any point you start to notice the dream is fading there are a couple things you can do.

Spinning- if you just start spinning around in circles, it will bring clarity back to the dream and make everything a lot more vivid. sometimes when your done spinning you can even end up in an entirely different environment.

Step 4 -Dream Control-

dream control is probably the coolest part of lucid dreaming next to actually realizing your dreaming. if you want to do anything in a dream you have to know and believe with all you might that what you are about to do will happen. you have to realize that the rules of the real world don't apply, like Morpheus said to Neo in the matrix "free you mind" basically in order for Neo to bend reality and make the jump, he had to believe and know that he could make the jump. in the dream world there is no physics or gravity. anything is possible.

Don't try to fly, know you can fly. the only thing holding you down is your previous assumption of gravity. except the fact that gravity does not exist, and take off.

one good way to get what you want in a lucid dream is thought the power of expectation. say you want to have sex with a celebrity, for example if you were in a house in your dream and you were lucid you could imagine that this particular celebrity was in the next room. using all your knowledge, expect that she will be in the next room like its a fact. then open the door walk in the room and there she is. or say you wanted a particular object like a gun, believe that the gun is in your pocket and reach in your pocket and pull it out. what I've found is its a lot harder to make objects appear out of thin air, that's why i use this technique

and that's pretty much it. if you have any questions or didn't understand any of this message me or comment and i will help

Happy Dreaming.


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  7. Yeah, I used to wake up unintentionally when I realized I was dreaming. You have to keep calm. Also try spinning in a circle if this happens it takes your mind off waking up and focuses on you spinning.

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